Observing overall developments and surroundings of the campus, the then Hon’ble Chief Minister Sharadraoji Pawarsaheb has convened the FIRST STATE LEVEL CONFERENCE of all Co-Operative Sugar Factories in Maharashtra at our Factory Site on 24th and 25th September 1990. About 4000 Cooperative Leaders were present and participated in the Conference with their Technical Staff. During the inaugural address by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister, he appealed to all the Cooperative Sugar Factories to go in for Co-Generation and produce extra power, which will be supplied to State Electricity Board so as to overcome the short supply of power to some extent. We are the pioneers in generating and supplying to Grid surplus power through Co-Generation in the State. We are proud to mention here that apart from providing Electricity to our Bye-Product Units through Co-Generation, we have already started providing surplus power generated to MSEB Grid from the year 1990/1991 onwards to the extent of 1.5 MW. Co-Generation is improved by including some equipment and started providing 3 MW Electricity to the MSEB Grid from 2003/2004 to 2010-2011 season.

The Management of our Karkhana considered present scenario of Electricity and decided to go in Co-Generation Project of 36 MW. The project constructed on BOOT Basis with help of the URJANKUR NIDHI. The project is completed in all respect by URJANKUR SHREE DATTA POWER CO. LTD. The project will work continuously from 2011-2012 season. 

  • Power Generation Trials with 10 MW started from 5th May 2011.
  • IJT(Isgec John Thompson) make180 TPH High pressure Boiler of 110 KG/Cm2 pressure and 540 degree Centigrade Temp
  • Therrmax make 3 Field Electrostatic precipetater
  • 36 MW Simense Make Turbine.
  • Alternator make -Toya Donky  Japan make
  • Water System RO Followed by DM plant. 50 M3 perHour.
  • 110/132 KV Power Evacuation Line of 7.5 Kms.
  • Water Supply Scheme for Co-Gen from Krishna
  • River To Factory Site of  6.5 KM
  • 13000 M3  water resivser